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Our name, Physio Evolved describes our approach to treatment. We aim to continuously evolve our thinking, our methodology and our techniques, as we better understand the human body and as ideas are proven in practice.

We offer the best possible physiotherapy and Pilates solutions we can, so you can regain strength, balance, alignment and flexibility.


Physio Evolved was created by Stu and Kate Bryce in 2009 following the pairs return from the UK. It was while in the UK that Kate met and worked closely with Dr Sherwood; it was here that Kate learnt world-renowned techniques in treating back and neck pain, migraines, chronic fatigue, lymphatic dysfunction, and joint injuries.

During her tenure with Dr Sherwood and as a result of extensive studies, Kate developed a passion for treating the body as an interconnected whole. This philosophy runs across Physio Evolved today; a practice that is led by whole of body health.

Kate is the lead Physio and Clinic Director and supported by her husband Stu.


Kate Bryce

BPHTY, MHSc, PG Dip Sports Medicine.
Kate Bryce (nee Bonner) is the lead physio and Clinic Director at Physio Evolved. She is a chartered physiotherapist in New Zealand, has a degree in physiotherapy, a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Medicine and a Masters in Health Science specialising in the treatment of chronic pain using Pilates rehabilitation. Kate is also an advanced practitioner in GEMT trigger point dry needling.

Kate has a reputation in the field of exercise-based rehabilitation, specialising in Clinical Pilates. Kate uses an extensive range of treatment techniques based on up-to-date and continuously evolving research to ensure clients are prescribed effective and appropriate treatment programs and enjoys the combination of hands on therapies such as myofascial release, manipulation, trigger point dry needling, massage with Pilates rehabilitation.

Kate is a mother to two beautiful girls and regularly competes in triathlons, runs half marathons, mountain bikes, surfs and ski’s.

Angela Davis

BPHTY, MNZSP, PG Cert in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy, PAANZ Dry Needling
Angela graduated from the University of Otago in 2005. Since then she has worked in private practices both overseas and in New Zealand, specialising in sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. She has been with the PPE team since 2014

Angela has been involved with a variety of sports including rugby teams, Bike NZ and Canterbury United Football. She has a “hands on” approach and has continued with postgraduate training to ensure she is able to offer up to date and effective treatment/rehabilitation options.

Angela enjoys an active lifestyle and likes helping others to rehabilitate back to full health and fitness. She uses a combination of manual therapy techniques, including trigger point dry needling, myofascial release, massage, mobilisation and exercise prescription to achieve this.

Lisa Smalley

BPhty, DMA Clinical Pilates
Lisa graduated from the University of Otago in 2012. Since then she has been working in private practices in Melbourne and New Zealand where she specialised in treating musculoskeletal and sporting injuries.

Lisa has completed training in DMA clinical Pilates, and provides one on one Equipment and Mat Pilates, she also teaches both Equipment and Mat classes. Lisa has completed training with the Mckenzie Institute and can use Mechanical diagnosis and therapy to treat your lower back injury.

Lisa believes in a combination of hands on treatment, exercise prescription and education to help get your body better.

Lisa is a keen tramper and enjoys the gym as her regular exercise outlet. She enjoys helping others to rehabilitate back to full health and fitness, getting you back to your sporting and daily activities.

Lucy McIlraith

BPhty, Dry Needling PLUS, DMA Pilates, APPI Pilates, MNZSP
Lucy graduated from Otago University in 2006 and started work in a hospital setting. While working at the hospital, Lucy gained valuable experience in orthopaedic management of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, as well as pre and post surgical rehabilitation.

Lucy jumped the ditch and began working in private practice in Melbourne. While in Australia, Lucy’s passion for Pilates grew as an effective way to help rehabilate and prevent injury. She began using Pilates to work closely with clients during pregnancy and after to help guide and support the body.

Lucy trained in DMA clinical pilates and went on to complete antenatal and postnatal Pilates training through APPI. Lucy has also completed post graduate studies in Dry Needle therapy, treatment of vertigo and has begun training in the McKenzie method for low back pain. Lucy believes in a combination of hands on treatment, exercise prescription and education to help get your body better.

Indy Kraal

BPhty, PAANZ Dry Needling, MNZSP
Indy has worked in private practive since graduating from AUT in 2013. Indy initially worked in Hamilton, before moving back to Christchurch in 2016 and joining our team at Physio Evolved at the beginning of 2017.

Previously Indy has worked with representative rugby and netball teams which have included the Auckland U17/U19 Netball teams (2015-2016); Mainland National Beko League Physio (2016); and Waikato U19 Rugby team (2015). Indy is taking a break from sports teams as she studies towards her Post Graduate qualification specialising in Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapy. Indy has also trained in Dry Needling and uses this as an adjunct to her treatment.

Indy loves treating anyone from top level athletes to the weekend warriors. Indy has a passion for injury prevention, exercise based rehabilitation and helping people live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Outside of work, Indy competes in half and full Ironman distance racing. A highlight of this was a podium finish at the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii last year (2016). "

Nicola Handley

BPHTY, MNZSP, DMA Pilates, APPI Pilates, Biomechanics of Running
Nicola is a University of Otago Physiotherapy graduate who initially started work in the New Zealand hospital system in 2002, switching over to private practice in 2005.

Nicola has a wealth of experience in treating all kinds of injuries both in athletes of all ages, and in non-athletes.

Nicola is a keen runner with an interest in treating running injuries and prevention, as well as running analysis. She instructs the Pilates for Runners classes at our clinic.

ACC Claims

You do not have to have a referral or existing ACC claim to see us – we can take care of that for you.

If you do have an existing ACC claim and have been seeing another Physio, you can still choose to come here. If you are uncertain whether or not your injury can be claimed under ACC, please call reception for details.

Please note that we do have an ACC surcharge. Please call us to talk through our surcharge policy.

Learn more about ACC Claims here.


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